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Knife Making How To Videos

These are the videos I have made to show you how to make knives.

 I hope you enjoy them


This is a short video of grinding tips, 58MB

How to grind


How to test a blade to see if it got hard, 40MB

File testing a blade


How I make my 2nd Amendment knives, 467MB, 454MB, 27MB
2nd Amendment part 1
part 2
part 3


How to do a hollow grind, 369MB

Hollow grind


How to do a JT handle WRAP, 742MB



My old mini forge running, 6MB

Mini Forge


Me cutting 6 water bottles, 22MB

Water Bottle Cutting


This is a video ExpertVillage.com filmed me doing for them. They wanted a knife making video.

Each video is only around 1-3 minutes long and will just play when you click on it.

General Safety

Fire Safety

Types of Steel

Buying Quality Steel

Applying the pattern to the blade


Positioning the Stock

Profiling the Blade

Grinding out Curves

Edge Scribe Lines

Heat Treating

Equalizing Blade Temperature



Removing HT Scale

Secondary Edge Bevels




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